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Employers such as John Lewis, Lloyds Banking Group, E.ON, Network Rail, EY, the Wellcome Trust and many more advertise their vacancies on Evenbreak, the most accessible job board in the UK, in order to attract candidates from the vast talent pool of disabled people. They understand the benefits of inclusive and accessible recruitment. Disabled candidates can be confident that these employers will take their applications seriously, as they have paid to advertise on a site specifically for disabled candidates. There is no charge for disabled candidates to register on Evenbreak and search for jobs there.

Evenbreak is a social enterprise (100% of profits go back into the business), a social firm (all employees and board members are disabled) and a Living Wage employer (all employees are paid above the living wage).

Careers with Disabilities understand that disabled people face additional barriers when searching for a job. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a successful, well-supported career.

There are tens of thousands of people with health conditions, long-term illnesses and disabilities who want to work, but are prevented from reaching their potential due to employer misconceptions around accessibility.

Careers with Disabilities want to make looking for an accessible job as easy and stress-free as possible. They have create a handy guide for disabled people that provides all essential information relating to the world of employment.

Careers with Disabilities can support you whether that be with jobs for people with learning difficulties, health conditions, or people with visible or non-visible disabilities. They have made sure to cover everything from your employment rights, exploring the range of career opportunities, or gaining further help through financial support and disability allowances.