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    What is 4 + 1

    Disabled student spaces

    If you are a former or current disabled student we encourage you to join our private facebook group. Once there you can access our chat space for socialising, and join our regular social events. You will also be updated about upcoming events and, if you attend our campaign meetings, be informed about our current work.

    Problem-solving individual issues

    If you are a student experiencing issues within your university right now we would additionally encourage you to join our complaints collective. In this group, we give guidance and peer support to each other in navigating bureaucratic and often frustrating university complaints procedures. Having to fight for adjustments can be a very isolating experience if you are not in touch with other disabled students. In addition we believe that increasing the number of formal complaints will force universities to listen. Join our Complaints Collective.

    Work with us for change

    If you want to get more involved with our work you can choose between becoming a committee member (average 2 hour commitment per week) or a leader (average 10 h commitment per week). Only disabled people can be leaders. Please use the Facebook group or send us an email to learn more about how you can help. Learn more on our Getting Involved page.


    If you are neither a current nor a former disabled student but still wish to learn about our work and/or collaborate, do contact us through email or on twitter. We work closely with a number of allied organisations as well as allied individuals who are disabled university staff, disability services staff or researchers in disability and/or higher education.

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