COVID-19 Guidance

During the pandemic, university communications have often been very long; constantly changing and often fail to mention issues that specifically affect you as disabled students. It can be difficult to contact staff, many universities are insisting on deadlines being maintained (despite our lives being turned upside down) and there is a lot of uncertainty about exams and more. You are not alone! This guide aims to pull together advice and links to support resources for UK-based disabled students at this time.

COVID-19 Report

Lately, several reports have surfaced which provide insight into disabled students’ struggles in accessing higher education during the pandemic. In this report, we want to bring these findings together to highlight the issues experienced by disabled students and suggest ways forward. We also add our findings from informal surveys conducted with a large number of disabled students. In this way, we hope to both gather useful information in one place and add disabled students’ voices to the discussion.

COVID-19 Report Update

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