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Tech Remit

We recently went through the website and rewrote and refreshed most of the content while simplifying the site to make it easier to navigate. 


The University Accessibility Comparison Project is starting to take shape, in recent weeks the focus has shifted from web development to survey design here. The questions are starting to take shape and should be making their way into a draft poll soon so we can test the format. 

Access Insights

In developing the UACP project, the need for a larger all-encompassing site arose. 

We are now creating a more comprehensive Access Insight website with data from our COVID survey, the University Accessibility project, and future research projects. Alongside this, we are creating an Access Insight Network.

An early draft of this is available at


In an effort to increase our visibility there’s been a focus on developing our recruitment and growth pathways. 

For a comprehensive overview see the  DSUK Growth Slides


As part of our expansion, we’ve designed several stickers and leaflets which are currently in review. We hope these can aid in pulling the fragmented disabled student community together by making them aware of DSUK. 

We also published a collaborative graphic design space, this should provide consistent access to our images and branding resources for volunteers in years to come. 

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