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Our Services

Public speaking

We have extensive experience speaking at events and conferences, working with organisations and bodies like Westminster Insight, NADP, WonkHE, Disability Rights Advice TV and the International Network of Inclusive Practice. We ensure that the disabled student perspective is represented at events concerning areas that impact disabled students and can speak on a variety of topics such as individual experiences, university/SU structures and our research. Here is a presentation we created for a conference on Mental health in Higher Education in April 2021

Research services

Research is one of our biggest strengths. Our report on the COVID-19 impact on disabled students was widely distributed in the sector and has been highlighted in parliamentary contexts and included in publications by various commissions. Our evidence-based approach has attracted significant interest from key stakeholders, resulting in invitations to collaborate with the Disabled Students’ Commission and present at the APPG for Disability. For clients, we are able to provide premium access to our research conclusions and lend our expertise to research projects, both for accessibility consultants and university-based researchers.


We are able to deliver training on a variety of topics such as an ableism 101 workshop, the relationship between disability law and the student experience, disability history and the support and engagement of disabled students at university. Each training session can be tailored to the individual needs of your university or Students’ Union. 

As an example, we are delivering a session within the NUS Lead & Change 2021 programme on how to support disabled students and how to tackle some of the key issues from the perspective of incoming sabbatical officers.

Policy on Paid Services

DSUK will not provide services where

  • Our services will be used in a way that does not benefit our members or has a net negative impact on our members
  • We are not fairly compensated for our work
  • Our name will be used without our expertise having any real influence (tokenism)

Disabled Students UK contains some of the UK’s leading experts in HE accessibility, with years of experience in research, public speaking and consulting.

Yet many of us have been asked to do unpaid labour for years, to provide free access consulting for our department or university. Ultimately such requests originate from the idea that access for disabled students is a charity rather than a right.

We do not work pro-bono when dealing with established organisations. As an organisation, we need to generate income in order for our work to be sustainable. We also recognize our own expertise and worth on the market. Not only do we have some of the UK’s leading experts but we have data that is unique in the sector, a reach that is unique in the sector and hence insight that is unique in the sector. 

We come to clients neither from above nor below but as partners, ready to offer the services they need.

Disabled Students UK contains some of the UK’s leading experts in HE accessibility, with years of experience in research, public speaking and consulting. In addition to our charitable work with and for disabled students, we provide a number of paid services for organisations, bodies, businesses, charities and institutions. To enquire about our services and pricing please contact us at [email protected]

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