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Disabled Students UK has quickly grown to be the largest disabled student-led organisation in the UK. Born out of grassroots movements, DSUK now has over 500 contributors from 60 different universities. Only a year into our operations, we were recognised in Shaw Trust’s list of the 100 most powerful disabled people and disabled-led organisations in the UK!

Our Mission

We envision a truly accessible university experience, ensuring disabled people equal access to education and the societal and self-development opportunities associated with this. At DSUK, we are pioneering what we have learned from disabled-led organisations throughout history. Our organisation brings together three core aspects: a community, a research collective and a business arm.

Our Structure

Being composed entirely of people with lived experience is one of our greatest strengths. Disabled students themselves know best what they need, and we are strongest when working together.

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Our Work & Strategy

These three parts are interdependent. The community side provides the lived experience and vision of the organisation, the research side provides the evidence and informs the strategy for change and the business side provides both a method of financial sustainability and a means of change.

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