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Disabled Students UK is a disabled student-led organisation. We envision a world where disabled students have the same access to education as non-disabled students. Working to make universities truly accountable to their disabled students and disability law.

What’s the issue?

Poor adherence to the 2010 Equality Act as it relates to disability is reported at a variety of universities as well as by a number of national reports. As the evidence mounts, there has been discussion of increased oversight. The Higher Education Commission went so far as to describe 2020 as a “momentous year for legislation protecting the rights of disabled students.”


Change for Disabled Students UK was created after a 2020 report describing widespread disability discrimination at University College London was spread to students at other universities, eliciting recognition and an acknowledgement that we can make real change if we work together.

We currently have students from 30 different UK universities, at all levels of studies, from all parts of the UK and with many other intersecting identities.

Going forward we are focusing on a few critical tasks:

Creating a space for disabled students to learn from each other and get to know each other

Lobbying the OfS to intervene in the case of any university that does not account for its disabled students in its COVID response.

Writing articles, blogs, and opinion pieces

Spreading disability wisdom.

Participating in a study on student disability activism.

Creating a report specifying how university oversight should be improved.

Creating comprehensive complaints guidance for disabled students.

Launching an awareness-raising campaign in September

Creating a survey investigating disabled students’ experiences

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